Bartosz Ostrowski

The Polish artist had his artistic research session in Budapest from 24th of January to 6th of February. His host organization was Workshop Foundation.

Click here to see a video on the research process (so far) of the Choreographic Atlases project Katinka Wissing (DK) and Bárbara Cordeiro (PT), whose research collaboration with Bartosz Ostrowski was part of the Nature of Us project.

About the artist

Bartosz Ostrowski is a choreographer, dancer, performer and an actor. Graduate of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, Warsaw Dance Department and PACAP in Forum Dança Lisbon. His works are characterised by the coexistence of speech and dance in a direct dialogue with the audience. Author of walkie_talkie, Praga Street View and REFUGEE TALKS. Founder of dotcompany, with which he created Secondhand´68 in POLIN Museum, Individual Concert and Seagull: five seconds of Chekov, awarded on the Young Direction Forum in Cracow. At the moment he is preparing a project BoardingGateSeatFromTo: in which on the basis of own experience he is exploring the modern nomad lifestyle. One of the initiators of The Babel Laboratory – an artistic research project between the fields of choreography and linguistics.
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Photo by Ewelina Konior Slowinska