Sobieszewo Island in Gdańsk, Poland on 19-21st May 2022

At the Sobieszewo Island Conference (Gdansk, PL), the project’s four invited performing arts creators currently developing new work and natural or social scientists working with them will share their experiences to date, with an emphasis on chosen approaches. It’s an opportunity for all delegates to work together to think outside the box, take part in panel discussions with artists, experts and researchers, follow diverse formats of workshops, site specific and participatory events, interactive walks and exploration of Sobieszewo Island and get a deeper understanding of our project’s artistic research sessions. If funding allows, different guest artists from the region will present already existing performances on the natural world.
The location’s natural surroundings are meaningful: included in Polish nature protection programs Natura 2000 and Protected Landscape Area; the widespread natural land and seascapes with visible traces of human interference provide context for discussions on maintaining ecological balance with active care for the natural environment and development.
Creative meetings will take place partially in the Old Smokehouse venue near a Bird Reserve, at local partner venues like the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture, and last but not least – in the open air.

The AIMS of the conference are to:

  • explore within interdisciplinary groups new ways of communicating through the innovating performing arts,
  • present approaches developed by the artists invited to the artistic research sessions 
  • provide participants with conditions to meaningfully reflect on the complex themes concerning our natural world through the arts
  • trigger future new collaborations between innovating performing arts and science,
  • The long-term goal of the project is to introduce new models and roles in the innovating performing arts in a changing World, with an overall approach to creating a sensitive and responsible communities.

photos by Tomek Zerek