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Live Performance Bazaar, Prague, Czech Republic

Live Performance Bazaar is the organiser of the annual Bazaar International Festival of Performance and Dance. By carefully choosing and presenting artists every year since 2015 the Bazaar has been established as a key opportunity for Central and East European artists & organizers and audiences to meet and reflect on their respective social and political situations through creative work. The Bazaar team keeps building on 6 years of hard work in presenting dance, theatre, and related live arts with a unique focus on Central and Eastern Europe and development of new works. In early 2020 we expanded beyond festival activities to coordinate the Nine Lives of the “Eastern” Artist symposium in Olomouc, also funded by the International Visegrad Fund. 

Polka dot Foundation, Gdansk, Poland

Polka dot Foundation is an independent organization created by artists associated with the Gdańsk dance scene. The Foundation deals with the development and promotion of the art of dance and choreography in cooperation with artists and cultural institutions. The Foundation’s goal is to build a new dimension of dialogue in which dance is a basic language in the sphere of culture, social life, education and artistic exchange.

The foundation inaugurated its activity in 2018. Polka dot together with the Institute of Music and Dance was the organizer of the Polish Dance Platform in Gdansk in 2019.

PlaST Contemporary Dance Platform, Bratislava, Slovakia

Contemporary Dance Platform (know by the acronym PlaST) is a Slovak independent professional organisation based in Bratislava created out of the need of the dance community to self-organize, build bridges and collaborations, work on inclusion of contemporary dance into wider cultural strategies but above all, to solve the problem of the lack of a venue dedicated to contemporary dance in the Slovak capital. Its activities include research projects, education, promotion of dance, co-organizing Slovak Dance Platform as well as management of the residential dance centre, Residance Telocvičňa (Slovak word for gym) located amidst Bratislava’s premier creative hub, Nová Cvernovka.

Workshop Foundation, Budapest, Hungary

Workshop Foundation was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing support for independent artists, encouraging their artistic development in order to facilitate the development of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene as a whole. The Foundation provides the following support for independent performing artists: education, production help, professional help. Its main strategic objective is the encouragement of border-crossing – both geographically and among artistic disciplines.

The Foundation works with nearly 200 Hungarian and foreign artists yearly and runs 4 studios in two highly important independent art institutions in Budapest, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts and Jurányi Incubator House.

Workshop Foundation is known abroad for its international co-productions, educational and residency programmes (both production and research residencies) as well as its active role in professional networks. WSF to date has an extensive and branching, well-functioning net of international liaisons and is one of those Hungarian organizations that are internationally recognized and widely known. 

The supporters of Workshop Foundation are: Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA), Summa Artium, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.